Gabriella's Snow Day 2017 Bill

get link “This battle we fight is in honor of those lost, and in hope for those still fighting and those not yet diagnosed. We demand a change. We demand that we lose no more! We allow outrage in. We blend it with our hope. Now that we have become aware, we will not stand by.” – Bill Sylvester

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source link Our dear friend and childhood cancer advocate, Bill Sylvester, has decided to ride from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico during the month of September for Childhood Cancer Awareness and for Team G Foundation!  Last year, Bill participated in the AIDS Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles but this year, his heart has been taken by childhood cancer. “I did the ALC ride last year from SF to LA and wanted to do something crazy like that again. ALC is an awesome and worthy cause, but Gabriella Cosner stole my heart and childhood cancer is grossly underfunded. So, I’m planning a bike ride to raise funds for Team G Foundation. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so I thought that would be a good month to do it. Golden Gate Bridge to Santa Monica Pier has a nice ring to it. Bridge to Pier. I started research and found some great resources for bicycling the Pacific Coast. Books, maps, etc… Hmm…. I know I can do SF to LA. I want a new challenge… bigger… longer… stupider 😉 What if I rode from Canada to Mexico? 3 countries, 3 states… Would you pay to follow that adventure?” We are extremely honored that Bill is riding to raise funds for childhood cancer research and to raise awareness for these children battling cancer.  We plan to recruit support for Bill, encourage individuals to cheer him through the course, even ride a portion of the course alongside Bill for childhood cancer awareness!  Please be on the lookout for flyers and more information about this incredible ride that Bill is pioneering!

Bill will be departing from Canada on see url August 23rd and arriving in San Diego on or around Order 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online September 30th. One man…….30 days……1733 miles…..3 countries……3 states…….all for one cause …….TO BEAT CHILDHOOD CANCER. All proceeds will go directly to Team G’s Mission in funding childhood cancer research and providing direct support to families fighting cancer.

click here Thank you to ALL of the supporters for Bill’s ride and a special thank you to Jeff, Jules and Ella Schwerdtfeger for the amazing fundraiser in San Francisco! Alexis Charles Witmer
Amber Peterson
Anthony Salvatore Lombardo
Brent Rapport
Brook Hardy
Calif American Exterminator
Christine & Joseph Kaz
Christopher Ingram
Christopher Wilson
Daniel Doyle
Danil Sylvester
David Cohen
Diana Meckfessel
Donna Brown
Douglas Haines
Eileen Young
Elif Bailey
Elizabeth Carey
Ellen Canter
Garry Salmon
Geoffrey and Robin La Tendresse
Gerald Eller
Gina Cali
Graesson Berbano
Gregory Ryan Cronin
Heidi Barstow
Howard Blevins
James Pagnella
James Condy
Janice Murphy
Jared Beeson
Jeff Schwerdtfeger
Jeffrey Eisenbaum
Jennifer Beaver
Jennifer Cherk
Jennifer Sylvester
Jodi & Carl Krawitt
John Sylvester
Jon Mendez
Joseph and Kathleen Kaz
Joseph and Kathleen Kaz
Karen Watson
Karen Heller
Katherine Foster
Kathleen Harville
Kellie Spring
Kelly Spring
Kimberly Fishel
Linda Pressman
Mail and Copy Business Center
Margaret Brummer
Mark Winters
Mary and William Schorr
Michael Stone
Pamela Perlman
Patricia Boyer
Richard Canter
Robert and Eileen Young
Ronnie Boose
Scott Macedo
Scott Campbell
Sharon Girard
Sharron Binford
Shelley Spray
Stacey King
Steven & Cathi Stockman
Steven Gubber
Suan Lane Stone
Suzy Soteriou
Sylvia Davis
Tanya Bunger
Teresa Caldwell
Thomas Rehlaender
vincent perrone
William & Mary
William Kuhlman and Rebecca Blair
William Williams


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