Ginger“Survivor Ginger” Ginger is a survivor!  She is amazing in so many ways and she is one of the lucky ones.  Here is her story from her Mother’s eyes. One day I was rocking Ginger in my arms, actually it was Mother’s day, we were out in the sun and I noticed that one of her eyes was darker than the other.  It concerned me, so the next day we went to her pediatrician.  We were rushed to a pediatric optometrist, and then to UCSF.  In less than one week Ginger was diagnosed with unilateral retinoblastoma.  She was 21 months old.  A few days later, they removed her left eye.  This process happened so quickly, that’s all I remember.  There were no decisions to make or further research to do.  That was a blessing as well as a curse.  We were very fortunate to live close to UCSF where one of the top five authorities on retinoblastoma was practicing. A month after Ginger’s surgery she was fitted for her prosthetic eye.  It took some getting used to, but looks very good.  Most people don’t know the difference.  The years after the surgery were filled with additional surgeries to ensure that the cancer did not return in her right eye.  There were 6 the first year and then five the next and so on.  It was about saving her sight.  These were difficult years and I can’t even count how many test results we waited for.  Thankfully Ginger never had to have chemotherapy or radiation.  When Ginger turned seven, she was officially cancer free and out of danger. Ginger leads a very exciting and normal life.  She is a beautiful girl and has a huge heart, which she gives willingly.  There is no doubt that this experience has had an enormous impact on the girl she is today.  Again, a blessing as well as (not a curse), but just a scar in the big scheme of things.