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follow url My life purpose was redefine when my baby girl was diagnosed with Leukemia at age THREE. The fear that I felt for my daughter is not only unimaginable, it was incomprehensible. I could not understand why god would give cancer to an innocent child. My fear quickly turned into anger as I realized the little research advancement made in childhood leukemia due to lack of funds. So I am making an effort to change that. My efforts may not help my daughter, but if WE do not stand up together for these little superheroes fighting leukemia, nothing will change in the protocol to treat childhood leukemia. Giselle and I are calling ALL super heroes in the Bay Area and beyond to join forces to make a difference in continuing research funding so, we can have options other than toxic levels of poisons to kill the evil bad cancer cells that kills the good cells at the sometime. The side effects are sometimes the killer but, what choices do we have in 2015?? We need to allow research hospitals like Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s hospital in Palo Alto, Ca to unlock the mystery with less invasive methods with less side effects. Sincerely, a loving mother who is fighting to save her daughter’s life

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